Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new Year

Happy new year to all puppets and humans!
It has been a very intense month and just want to
thank everybody for their help.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A small update

Puppet excitement is palpable. It’s their first Christmas
and they don’t know what to expect.
They go on and on talking about it
but nobody really knows what it is all about.
For sure they think that a lot of new mini me are going
to be made and are so exited to meet new puppet friends.
They can hardly talk about anything else.
Right now I’m in Florence, Italy.
I’m promoting myself, and the personalized dolls.
This photo is taken at a yoga studio, Newyogacenter, in Florence.
They have amazing yoga; while I’m here I’ll take some super yoga classes.
I definitely recommend it for anybody in town.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puppets daily routine

I’d like to give you an idea of how my day goes. I’m aware that I’m not typical and my day is quite unusual for a puppet. As all personalized dolls I spend at least 8 hours in the same position pretending to be just a puppet; from time to time humans plays with me and I behave just as you with expect a rag doll to do. The night when the human are sleeping, instead of just having party time, with the other personalized dolls, I usually eat a little snack from what I find around and then start studying some kind of new thing, at the beginning it was basic, like learning a language, how to write or how to eat. I must say that my human helped me a lot with this. Now days I’m studying on the internet about humans: history, their news and their behavior. I’m quite shocked by the results, and I might write an article about that at some point. When I finish studying, I start working, as the director of this blog I have a lot of responsibilities writing articles answering emails and fans and keeping updated with the latest technologies. Since my humans like to sleep I always get a little bit more time in the morning to socialize with the other puppets, there are always new ones and most of the time it’s great fun. My humans are very kind to me so they are totally ok with me doing stuff and not freaking out so I don’t need to be acting like a puppet all the time, I’m quite lucky. The only annoying thing is that they want we to work, they just love to rest and see me work! So hope I gave you a good idea of my random day.